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Concept + Implementation + Objective + Result



Good idea is very important. Furthermore, it must be done to become good reality. And when the idea is to make the region a better place to live, a place in which we and our descendants will have ...



How to turn a good idea into a practice? As is done in other regions of the EU. All activities in the region should be displayed on the single European market to be increased ...



The aim is to make Plovdiv and South-Central in the area year-round tourist destination. We believe that in the Region of South East there are ample opportunities for hiking, for this to happen. furthermore ...





If we turn a good idea into a working practice in Region South-Central will be attracted many customers come here as tourists or driven by other interests. Increased consumption will cause noticeable stir in the local economy. Will create thousands of new jobs, which in turn will create users. Will be reduce unemployment in the region. Will increase revenue in the public sector by the fact that more people will pay social security contributions and taxes. In other words, will achieve the public interest, namely the possibility of good work for more people in the region. The result will be a better quality of life for all. This is the result in all EU regions, where people take advantage of that region and the opportunity through its regional airport, to attract as many visitors it. Let's make it also happen.

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